Stone Chip Coated Classical Tile C

Material: Galvalume coated steel panel (Green back fingerprint resist of back coating)  

Overall length: 1170mm

Overall width: 420mm  

Cover length: 1120mm

Cover width: 370mm 

 Thickness: 0.4mm

Weight: 2.3kg/pc

Tiles/SQM: 2.4PC

Stone coated metal roof tiles advantage

1. Light roofing material

To compare with the traditional ceramic tile, the weight of Longde metal roof tile is just 1/6 of it. It is convenient to carry, store and use, so it can save the time and cost of installation.

2. Simple execution
Metal roof tile is very light and it is easy to incise and cut off, so it is suitable for all kinds of buildings, especially for the heavy grade roofs and towers.

3. Beautiful appearance

  Extensive flexibility of colors and profiles provide various building design the perfect match.

4. Durable

 Because of the AL-zinc and stone –chip coating, metal tiles have good anti-corrosion .They have credible and documented durability. The life span of tiles can be extended more than 30 years.

Features of stone coated roof tile
1. Good fire resistance
\Metal roof tile is one kind of roofing material which is get the SLGD and natural stone in one ,it has the strong fire resistance .So it can reduce the lose of the fire.

2. Rain resistance
\ You don’t worry about the leakage of rain from roof it use metal tile, which is suitable to use in the rain lasting area.

3. Hailstone resistance
\Metal tile is well –liked because it can protect the building in the hail or storm.

4. Earthquake resistance
\The light metal roof tile can lighten the building, so it has the excellently resistant ability.

5. Noisy resistance
\The surface of metal tile can absorb noise and avoid effectively the noise come from the storm.

6. Wind resistance
\Even metal tile just has the 1/6 of weight to the traditional tile, the scientific interlocking system design techniques guarantee the roofing system more safety in the storms.

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